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Owner of Wounded Knee drops asking price

December 01, 2016

RAPID CITY –– When Jim Czywczynski decided to sell the 40-acres of land that is the massacre site of Wounded Knee his asking price was $3.9 million.

This week he is reducing the price by $900,000 in hopes that this will help him find a buyer.

Czywczynski was the owner of the Wounded Knee Trading Post and Museum in 1973 when it was taken by force by members of the American Indian Movement. The Post and Museum were eventually reduced to ashes during the takeover. Fearing that it would be destroyed again if he rebuilt it that land has sat empty since 1973.

A ‘holocaust’ museum should be constructed at Wounded Knee |

March 18, 2016

Russia is about to build a museum to honor American Indians slaughtered in America. Native Americans here in America believe the Lakota people should take the lead and have a museum built at Wounded Knee to honor all of the Native Americans massacred in America. Here is a list of some of the massacres.

Childhood memories of Wounded Knee |

February 24, 2016

When some folks say leave Wounded Knee alone; leave it as it was; what are they talking about? Do they mean like it was 90 years ago or like it is now?

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We believe the land that is for sale at Wounded Knee belongs to the people. Our non-profit corporation, National Historic Site of Wounded Knee, Inc. has set out to raise the money to purchase the land for $3.9 million. After we raise the money to buy the land it will be put into trust for the 9 tribes of the Great Sioux Nation.

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